Well written.

nile crocodile

***** Fantastic!

A fantastic book. Very well-written. I really recommend it.

***** Could not put it down

I got the book from my daughter for my birthday. After I started reading it, I could not put it down. I’ve never experienced that in a non-fiction book. Inspiring!

***** Magic!

If there’s a book that could change your life, it could be this one. Believe me, it’s magic!

* Nonsense!

What nonsense! No one needs alligators! We have so many problems in this world, even without deadly beasts in our homes!

**** Unique Style

The author Theodore Recks knows very well how to turn non-fiction material into a fascinating story. The breeding of alligators may not be of interest to every reader. But Reck’s unique style of writing is able to convey the fascination, that lies in raising the little fellows. How many readers will want to start their own alligator-breeding after reading this book?

***** Can’t wait

A friend gave me the book, and I read it in one night. I simply couldn’t put it down. Now I ordered alligator eggs on the internet. I can’t wait to see the cute little beasts hatch.

***** What a book!

What a fascinating book! I first saw the author on a talk show last week. He seemed to be a nice fellow. But I wasn’t sure, if I’d like the book too. Sometimes I like authors, but their works disappoint me. The bookstore in the little country town where I live didn’t have it in stock, so I ordered it on-line. What a pleasant surprise! Recks describes the rearing of the little alligators so vividly that I feel I am there with him watching them hatch. Now I want to breed alligators too. It’ll give my life a new meaning.

* No Pokemon!

This book is a typical example of what people in our affluent society do because of boredom. Now all of them suddenly want to have small alligators at home, as if it were Pokemon or Tamagotchi. But they are living animals. And they will not stay small. Has anyone ever thought about that? I think the author has done a disservice to society. The book should be banned!

***** Cool!

I just can’t understand all those negative comments here. Theodore Recks is cool, and his book is the most exciting thing I’ve read in my life. Since Harry Potter! These so-called animal rights activists are just stupid and boring.

***** New Life!

This book has changed my life. So far, I always wanted to become a nurse because I wanted to work with people. Now I want to raise those cute alligators. I have already created an Instagram account for all the pictures of the sweet tiny things. My friends want to join as well. Alligators are the new hot trend and we owe that to you, Theodore Recks!

* Just to make a buck!

Capitalism is designed to pick up on new idiotic ideas again and again in order to make a profit. This book is a horrible example. The alligator hype is incredible! The book has been on the market for 6 months now and there are already reports of people being attacked by their alligators. How stupid can humans actually be? Maybe it will be a good thing to get rid of a few of our fellow citizens this way.

***** Share my bed!

I can’t wait for my little pet. I want to share my bed with it! They’re the cutest things I ever saw!

***** Great!

Really a great book. I wanted it for my birthday and got it. How can you write such wonderful things, Mr. Recks? My parents do not want to allow me to start my own alligator breeding, but I’ll do it anyway. I will be of age in three years. And as T. Recks rightly says: Do not let anyone stop you from turning your dreams into reality. I finally know what I want to in my life. And I will do it!

*** Nice!

Nice book! Delivered on time! Top!

***** Learn from the young!

My grandson started breeding alligators. I did not understand that at all. Why would he do that? It sounded very silly to me at first. However, I believe that we, the older generation, can also learn a lot from the younger generation. That’s why I bought the book. And I’m impressed, I have to admit. It’s written in a very lively style. One feels immediately that this author has a deep knowledge about what people really want. And his topic is fascinating. My book is the second revised edition; it already has addresses attached where readers can buy the eggs on-line. I ordered immediately and I’m looking forward to my new housemates.

* End of the World!

This will be the end of the world, believe me! An invasion of alligators that we bred ourselves. And the trigger for the disaster is just a single book. If ever there was a book that set the world on fire, then this is the one.

***** WOW!

Wow! The cover says it has been translated into 30 languages ​​and is available in 146 countries around the world. I also heard that alligators are now the most popular pets. No more need for cats and dogs!

** Real Animal Lover!

Now I ordered the book too. In the news there are lots of reports about alligators who have eaten their owners, and I wanted to know more about it. I wanted to form my own opinion on the subject. I have read the book but am not convinced. I just think it’s an attempt to make a fast buck. A real animal lover should not support such a thing!

***** The perfect Gift

I just ordered another 20 copies. The book is so wonderful. I’m giving it to all my friends for their birthdays and for Christmas. Why? Because this book and those magic animals gave my life a new meaning. By the way, I can also recommend the new book by Theodore Recks. It’s about apes and how to raise them.

* Ban the book!

My uncle started breeding 12 months ago. The animals grew up to three meters. Now there’s been a tragic accident. One of the alligators has fatally injured my uncle. You should ban the book.

* Alligator Crisis

I found the book in my grandmother’s attic. It has awakened the memories of those gruesome times again. Today we call it “the great alligator crisis”. We know now how dangerous a single book can be. To fight the crisis, whole cities were bombarded from the air and set on fire. Yet many areas on all five continents are considered uninhabitable and infested by alligators. I hope humanity has learned from this disaster. But I have my doubts. Now I will go to the garden and burn the book solemnly. Of course I have my rifle with me, as always.

(written 2019-06-04) 

(Picture CC, Leigh Bedford – https://www.flickr.com/photos/31447080@N04/3376075505/in/photolist-69kgCn-6cPp1J-71Erw1-71Ar5p-6cNS2C-6cJHPV-6cNRau-6cNRM1-bdFmf8-bdFmpB-66N41c-66N84R-ib7D2-7WNFHf, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27223324)